Fast Internet Even in the Country

My husband and I decided to move from the city to the country, we needed a slower change of pace for our health. I was really shocked to see how few options there were for the internet. I found that internet plans from the local cable company were really slow. I did not have a lot of options as far as speed. It seemed like it was either slow or slower. I wanted to talk to my new neighbors to see if they could tell me anything about their internet service and they told me that they had satellite service. I did not even know that having internet service through a satellite was possible. My husband and I need high speed internet because he works part time from home as an independent contractor. Having access to the internet is how we will sustain ourselves while we live out in the country. The closest grocery store is literally fifteen minutes away, I used to be able to walk down two storefronts to my local grocery.

There were a few different providers that we could chose for our satellite internet providers and all of them had really good packages to choose from. We ended up going and talking to our neighbors on the other side of our stream to see if they could give us some insight. We brought over our tablets and our phones to stream and see what the speeds were like. I liked the way that their company spoke to us when we called with questions. The only way that I could see paying the higher cost for them, was knowing that with bad weather, there will not be any problems with our service. Some of the providers said that they were not able to guarantee continuous service with weather.